2nd May 2019

Year 3/4 Stonehenge Trip

Stonehenge Trip 2019

We have received some really positive feedback from visitors to Stonehenge yesterday who sent Mrs Elliott the following feedback.

"My husband and I were very impressed with the students, from Worle Village Primary, that we met at Stonehenge yesterday.  The children were well-behaved, attentive and very interested in learning.  Congratulations to all of you!"

The visitors were from Los Angeles, California!

We are so proud of them all.

4th April 2019

Transend Skate Park

Transend Skate Park

Transend Skatepark consists of a bunch of people from local churches around Weston who want to see a safe, welcoming and vibrant place for the local skate, scooter and BMX community. The ultimate vision would be an indoor skate warehouse that serves to accommodate this and much more.
From 12 people setting off on this journey in November 2017 and launching our first Transend Skatepark at the Tropicana in February 2018, we have seen a community start to grow from beginners to professionals, young and old, families and groups, who have all utilised the skatepark that we put on.
Now currently on our fifth event, Transend Skatepark goes from strength to strength. And what really makes this adventure stand out is that it is run by volunteers and is steered with ideas and dreams from the young people who have a heart and passion in the skatepark. We also have amazing craft every day which the majority is free (afternoon craft is sign up for a small fee), an area for parents to chill out in, games zone with consoles, table tennis, table football and pool, and access to the Bay café at the Tropicana.
Most of all, we exist to serve the local community who, without them, this simply wouldn’t run. So, if you want to check us out and see what we are about, find us on the web, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and why not book in by going to our events page. We look forward to seeing you from 8th - 12th April at the Tropicana.

Transend Skate Park