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Return to School
School will be open again to all children on Wednesday 6th September due to there being...

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Worle Village Primary School
Church Road
BS22 9EJ

Tel: 01934 512 200
Fax: 01934 512 200


Head teacher

Mrs Susan Elliott

Our Governors

Chair of Governors:                                         Vice-Chair:

        Tristan Cogan                         Pete Watkins           

Tristan Cogan

            Pete Watkins












 Sarah Hawkins Governor          Sarah Hawkins
Simon McCahon Governor Simon McCahon
Lisa Pilgrim Governor Lisa Pilgrim
Danielle Read Danielle Read
Ryan Aves  
Philip Pugh-Morgan  
Matthew Vincent  


Performance and Standards Committee

Chair: Tristan Cogan; Vice-chair: Lisa Pilgim; Members: Ryan Aves, Danielle Read, Matthew Vincent, Pete Watkins. Chair of Governors, headteacher and deputy head also atten ex officio.


Operations committee

Chair: Philip Pugh-Morgan; Vice-chair: Simon McCahon; Members: Sarah Hawkins. Chair of Governors, headteacher and deputy head also attend ex officio

Health and safety: Tristan Cogan

Safeguarding/LAC/Prevent Governor: Tristan Cogan

Headteacher's review: Philip Pugh-Morgan, Simon McCahon


Curriculum Teams

English - Sarah Hawkins

Maths - Ryan Aves

Computing & eSafety - Tristan Cogan & Pete Watkins

Science - Tristan Cogan & Pete Watkins

Creative Arts - Sarah Hawkins

Humanities - Philip Pugh-Morgan

PHSME/Healthy Schools - Sarah Hawkins & Philip Pugh - Morgan

Foundation/EYFS - Tristan Cogan

SEND/Pupil Premium/G and T - Tristan Cogan and Matthew Vincent


Dates of Governors Meetings