Years 5 & 6 Xmas Performance

13th December 2017

This will be held in St Martin's Church.  Drop-off for children will be at 6.00pm at the church.  There will be coffee and mince pies in the school hall for family members.  The performance starts at 6.30pm.  Spaces have been allocated for up to 2 people per family.  Small siblings may sit on an adult's lap.



Our children work really hard practicing their performance so they can give their best on the day.

To ensure our children can be their best we must ask that young siblings are removed from the audience if they start to make noise and cause a distraction.

Please position yourself so that you can easily leave if required.

Please help us to create the best performing conditions for our children.

Siblings must be seated on an adult's lap unless they are part of your space allocation.

Due to fire regulations, no prams - sorry.

Tickets are not required for performances.  However families will be checked against our list upon arrival.  Please do not bring more people than spaces allocated to you.

Thank you.

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