PE & Sport

The P.E. Curriculum at Worle Village Primary School operates on a ‘Sport for All’ philosophy, where children participate and develop their own physical skills and strategies according to their own abilities. For more able and/or competitive children there are opportunities to compete against children in other local schools in a range of sporting activities from individual fixtures to local and regional tournaments.

Sports Blog

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By enhancing the provision and raising awareness of sport and an active lifestyle, Worle Village Primary has been awarded the Silver Kitemark Award for four years running.  2018/19 we are hoping to achieve Gold.




Our aims are to:

  • Involve our pupils in the continuous process of planning, performing and evaluating all areas of activity
  • Provide activities in which all children may participate with enjoyment
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for competitive challenge
  • Encourage the development of positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle
  • Ensure safe practice during physical activity

All staff at Worle Village promote and encourage sportsmanship, team spirit and the need to improve performance through healthy physical activity.


The National Curriculum requires that children leaving Primary School are able to swim at least 25 metres. Our current Swimming Policy is to provide swimming lessons to all our Year 3 pupils during the summer term.  Last year 91% of our pupils could comfortably swim 25m.  We are keen to promote swimming for all our children and endeavour to provide opportunity for non-swimmers to gain more experience.

At Worle Village Primary School we believe swimming is a hugely important life skill, which is why we ensure all children leave us with the opportunity to learn water safety and gain confidence in the water whilst learning to swim. 

Extra Curricular Clubs

At Worle Village we offer a wide range of Extra Curricular Sports Clubs to give our children additional opportunities to access sport in a fun, safe and welcoming environment.

Here is a list of our current clubs.

After School Activities Mar 19


The school was awarded in 2017/18 the Healthy School Initiative status, which promotes exercise and a sensible balanced diet.   

afPE Quality Mark

In 2016 we were awarded the Quality Mark for Physical Education and Sport with distinction.  We hope to re-apply in 2019.  For further information on the Quality Mark please click here